From newspapers to magazines and books, the publishing industry is facing unprecedented challenges. We’ve worked with newspapers, magazines and book publishing companies to help them become more digitally mature. While still delivering real-world print products. We believe that print is NOT dead…kinda weird for a digital first agency right?

Some of the work we’ve done in the publishing sector:

  • South Korea Newspapers: We advised the Korean Press Federation and KonKuk University on trends and strategies regarding technology with Canadian and American newspapers as they formulated a digital strategy for their nations newspapers.
  • Newspaper CMS Selections: To date we’ve worked with newspapers in the United States mid-west and east coast, Argentina, Norway and Canada to find the optimal CMS (Content Management System) for their needs. We’ve also helped a newspaper shift from completely on-premise technology to a Cloud based system and managed the transition from one newspaper to 34 titles, going from 240 people to 1,200 as fractional CIO.
  • Magazines: We helped a single-title magazine publisher in Canada move to a multi-title format, find an under-served market opportunity, build their digital strategy and see revenues triple. We helped a niche magazine publisher develop new workflows, reducing costs and finding a path to greater profitability.

We understand the issues of circulation growth and how to improve workflows and build an online audience. When it comes to the magazine sector, we work in collaboration with Inovva and their subscription and audience management software, keeping in mind we are not bound to supporting any one solution provider. Neutrality of solutions is important to us.

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