Digital Strategy

You don’t need a digital strategy. You need a strategy for a phygital world.

Our digital and physical worlds have blended to the point where sometimes the lines blur so much we take it for granted we’re doing something digital. Whether it is searching for a product or service, communicating with friends and family or speaking to a voice assistant like Siri, Google or Alexa.

How customers find a business, interact with it, buy products and services, subscribe or select a trial can be done anywhere at any time and in any place. This shifts the very idea of time and place itself. The customer no longer sees your business as Monday to Friday 9Am to 5PM. Products and services can be sold while you and your staff are asleep, traveling or on vacation. When it comes to the digital world, you cannot think in one dimension or one world, you must think in terms of two worlds.

We understand how these two worlds work. Through our Netnography (digital research) practice and our experience growing business in the digital landscape for over 25 years globally, we can move between the physical and digital worlds with ease and grace.

We are at the core, strategists. Whether you play hardball or softball, if you’re being disrupted or think you might be, we can get the right strategy sorted to align with your long-term business goals.

Organisational Digital Strategy:

  • Integrating digital business strategy with overall corporate strategy
  • Understanding your digital maturity to ensure digital strategy success
  • Aligning marketing, sales, production and service for digital
  • Educating executive and board directors on what digital strategy means
  • Developing digital business models to drive new revenues
  • Digital customer service programs

It’s important to note that when we speak of digital strategy, we’re not talking about advertising on Google or creating nice Facebook campaigns. Agencies do that and they do it very well. We’re talking big picture and making sure your corporate strategy understands what digital means and why it is important and how it will drive revenues.

If the pandemic has taught us one thing, it is that both consumers and workers can be anywhere, anytime and anyplace to buy and get work done. We’ll get you properly aligned to the new reality. Whether you’re a manufacturer, distributor, Software-as-a-Service, services-based business or reseller across any industry.

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