Digital Maturity

For businesses looking to become “more digital” this is the best place to start. After all, you can’t build an effective strategy if you don’t really know exactly where you are. Call it a benchmark, the stake in the ground, the launchpad. But you have to first know where you are in order to know where you are going.

Digital Maturity Assessment

Our Digital Maturity Assessment is designed to help you understand, in plain business terms, with no jargon, exactly where you stand. This comprehensive report can be completed in a few weeks for small to medium-sized businesses. The nice part is, we provide a packaged price and deliver a final report. What you do with it after that is up to you. Some clients take the report and internalize it for their corporate strategy. Others engage us to do more, such as develop their digital business strategy. We like that of course, because it means more revenue, but we’re fine if you don’t engage us further. Keep in mind, we do not do software development, we are not coders. We do not sell software, hardware or billable hours. We are 100% neutral to any solution, so we work entirely on your behalf, unlike most consulting firms.

What we cover in the Digital Maturity Assessment:

  • Current technology debt
  • Assessment of eCommerce capability
  • Online presence (social media, website, mobile)
  • Review of employee change resistance levels
  • Effectiveness of current IT tools and services
  • Review of workflow efficiencies
  • Technology gaps
  • Information and Knowledge Management maturity

We provide you with a. comprehensive report that indicates the gaps and where you are in terms of being digitally mature. All of this works with our Digital Maturity Matrix. We will compare you to your nearest competitors (up to 3) and others in your industry sector. The matrix below provides a sense of what the matrix looks like.

Digital Maturity Matrix

Digital Maturity Scale

While this matrix doesn’t cover the complete elements of becoming digitally mature, or what we call an Intelligent Business, it does provide a visual sense of the main elements of a digitally mature business and where most businesses fit today. We do offer a Digital Maturity Assessment that is neutral and to your benefit…since we aren’t selling you software or hardware. Find us another consulting firm that isn’t trying to rack up the billable hours? Or license you a nice new ERP…

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