It’s not about a digital strategy. It’s about a strategy for a digital world. Or, more aptly, a phygital world.

Our approach and methodologies are the opposite of major consulting firms that aren’t really digital in their thinking and rely on cookie cutter strategies they employ through junior consultants. Every business is nuanced, is driven by its people and culture. Markets are shifting, disruption is constant and can come from nowhere, in absolutely every area of any business, technology plays a role.

Through our unique combination of skills, we can deal with change management, complex systems and ecosystems that most all businesses operate in today. This means we help our clients build resilience for the digital world of today and tomorrow.

Core Praxis Areas

  • Digital Anthropology – digital research applying our digital anthropology skills and experience from hundreds of projects. Technology and humans have co-evolved since we fell out of the trees. It’s called technogensis. Fail to think of humans first, from customers to employees and you’re pretty much guaranteed to fail. Or have mediocre success.
  • Infonomics – Turning your data into an asset and monetizing it. It’s an emerging field and we’ve already helped clients find added value and new revenue opportunities. It’s really cool.
  • Sociocultural Systems – Most businesses are based on Machine Systems…that is, thinking in terms of humans as robots who perform certain consistent tasks. But human’s don’t. Think socioculturally and things get way better.
  • Digital Business Strategy – You don’t need a digital strategy, you need a strategy for a digital world. This isn’t a marketing strategy, this is corporate strategy to help you thrive and grow digitally.
  • Digital Governance: We work at the Board and corporate governance level. Digital governance impacts your board and company policies, data governance, privacy law compliance and cybersecurity approaches and policies.
  • Information Management – From Information Architecture to Knowledge Management and building an Intelligent Business, if you can’t harness your information, you can’t get to knowledge and if you can’t get to knowledge you’ll never get to intelligence which means poorly made business decisions.

Subconscious Layers

  • Complexity Thinking – We didn’t add it in, but it’s something we’re into. Being digital today and preparing for tomorrow means understanding complex systems and making things work together.
  • Change Management – We understand that implementing new systems, products or services and making changes to your business model can be complicated. We’re trained in change management. We get it. We work from the ADKAR framework.
  • Systems Thinking – Beyond complexity thinking you need to understand how systems work today. The days of building one or two products and being stand-alone are gone. From Internet-of-Things to Big Data, Software-as-a-Service and Industrial-Internet-of-Things and Cloud platforms, we understand how systems need to work together.
  • Sociocultural Thinking: Most management structure and company systems today are based on the Industrial Revolution theories of organizational management, Mechanical Thinking. That is, treating humans as machines and not people, not considering corporate culture or how business is changing due to the pandemic. That’s sociocultural thinking and it’s an area well understand by contemporary management consultants. Because it works better in a digital world.

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