We design and build digital business strategies for companies that want to thrive in the digital age. You don’t need a digital strategy, you need a strategy for a digital world.

Strategy for a Phygital World
We now live in a “Phygital” world…where digital and physical have become mutually dependent. The word “transformation” is a negative and it’s scary. Most organizations don’t need to transform, they just need to adapt. It’s why we call ourselves digital adaptation architects.
We work with organisations that want to move forward, not stay the same but say different things. We have change management capabilities.
Netnographic Research (Astounding moments of Insight)
It’s our other passion. Mostly because we absolutely love delivering those “a-ha” (no, not the band) moments to our clients. The kind that makes them really, really think. To date, we’ve delivered over 200 netnography research projects to clients large and small, all over the world. Netnography is a research methodology based on ethnography – the study of cultures and societies. Except we do it all online.
From market insights to brand reputation analysis, tourism insights and corporate intelligence, netnography is a value-added tool in the research tool box. It helps answer questions that many organisations struggle to answer through analog research methods such as surveys and focus groups, adding a new layer of context.

Our unique approach brings together digital anthropology, design thinking and systems thinking. We work at the intersection of humans, technology and society.